Mercy Foundation

About Us

We love and Care for the less Privileged

Who are we

Helping Today. Helping Tommorow

Founded by passion, fueled by a strong desire and backed up by great compassion, Mercy foundation Is an initiative born to help, build and raise men. We are here to help Orphans and Widows in the best possible way we can most especially thoes who have gone through emotional torture, mental agony and financial hardship and depression.

Starting out in 2001 we have helped over 3 000 widows and orphans with financial support, medical\healthcare support, welfare and provisional support, interpersonal development, entrepreneurial skill acquisition for the less privileged.

Our aim is to create an enabling environment for widows and children who are not well catered for in orphanage homes, give them a sense of belonging and build a better and sweeter life for many.

Our Vision

We envision a generation filled with hope and we work towards planting the seeds of hope by spreading love.

Our Mission

To create an enabling environment for widows, orphans and the less privileged, creating a sense of belonging and building a better life for them.

The Leadership

MRS. MERCY AMATEMESO CEO of Mercy Foundation

Mrs Mercy Amatemeso

Founder/CEO Mercy foundation
Wilfred Amatemeso of mercy foundation

Wilfred Amatemeso

Senior Board Member
Mr Tom Onoja board member of mercy foundation

Tom Onoja

The Executive Coordinator